Want To Lose One Pound Per Week

Losing one pound per week is easy as cutting 500 calories per day out of your total daily intake, or by burning those calories off with exercise or a combination of both. The reason being one pound of weight (fat) http://www.myphen375fatburnerreviews.com/phen375-review-phentermine-substitute equals 3,500 calories and to rid yourself of one pound of unwanted excess weight per week you will have to eliminate those calories.

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Cutting 500 calories per day is easy when you pay attention and religiously read labels, counting the calories, and better yet stay away from processed foods, instead eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and vegetables are always a better choice when available.

When choosing to eat fresh fruits and vegetables you can eat larger portions with less calories that are healthier for your body.

Help yourself by drinking a glass of water upon waking and then before each meal and snack, this will help fill your stomach, making a great no calories appetite suppressant.

When a person eats too many calories, more than their body type, size and health needs, the person will gain unwanted and unnecessary weight.

This unwanted weight is easier to put on then it is to take off. Beware of fad diets, diet pills, drinks, etc. and remember to always check with your health care provider before going on a diet or starting a new exercise regimen.

Eating healthy is the way to live, it’s not a diet, it’s a life choice.