The Truth About Adderall And Why Nootropic Stacks Are Better

Piracetam is the new Adderall

Some people have asked ‘why exactly are Nootropic stacks a better alternative to Adderall?’.

Very Simple: Adderall has no effect on memory retention whatsoever. If anything, it is simply a motivational and concentration tool.

The reason why people take Adderall to study is because of the psychological reward system brought upon by the aforementioned drug.

Studying is boring. Studying for long and fretful periods is extremely boring – to some people of course. Well, what am I saying, let us be real – studying is boring in general if one does not have a passion for that subject, use nootropics:

In truth, people with ADHD and the typical student aren’t all that different – they are incapable of focusing on a specific topic or issue at hand because it offers them no sense of reward or pleasure. People who are capable of dealing with delayed gratification – those who posses more self-control than the norm, typically have no need of these drugs, which explains why certain individuals are capable of exerting themselves without the use of the aforementioned. These people are motivated by intrinsic rewards – the pleasure of learning something they truly feel passionate about for example as opposed to grades and the prestige brought upon by academic excellence on the other hand.

Moving away from the psychological aspect of this issue however, onto the physiological aspect…

Adderall is simply a neurotransmitter agonist. It allows for the flow of serotonin and dopamine in the brain – thereby activating the pleasure centers of the mind, keeping you contented and generally gratified for as long as the drug is exerting its effects on your system.

That is it. Period. Aside from this, it has no known effects (well, significant effects) on memory.

Why do people on Adderall seem to do well on tests in spite of this however? Well, anything you spend the entire day reading will almost always stay in your head long enough till the day of the exam itself. Repetition and determination is where it is at.