10 Secrets Your Eye Doctor Will Never Tell You

So all of us must have visited some eye doctor sometime someday in our lives. He checks your eyes, make eye-doctoryou read weird charts, prescribe nerdy spectacles and gives you those funny odor eye droplets. That’s it, right? Well, there is more to the story.

There are a number of things that you must know but your eye doctor might just skip those details.

Here are 10 secrets that your eye doctor will never tell you:

  • The UV Clause Most people are well informed and know that the UV radiations can lead to serious skin damage but there is more to the story. UV radiations not only prove themselves bad for skin but can also affect the eyes adversely. People wear sun glasses when it is sunny but then due to the UV effect, sunglasses are supposed to be worn all the time, when in direct touch from Sun and the sun glasses should be such that the light gets blocked up well from all the sides. If people prefer to choose contact lenses instead then it should be made sure that they have UV coating.
  • We have heard our parents saying that carrots are good for eyes but factually, they are not! Foods like spinach, kale and other leafy vegetables should be preferred instead.
  • It is a lesser known fact that polarized sunglasses makes it difficult to see the LCD and LEDs. Right from the cell phones to the ATMs, the screens are not visually with the polarised sunglasses on.
  • People find the odour of eye drops a bit irritating but a lesser known fact is they’ll smell less if kept in refrigerator.
  • Must have heard your mom telling you not to study or read in dim light because it’ll hurt your eyes. Well, even that is just a misconception. Reading in dim light don’t result into eye hurting. The worst that can happen is you’ll get a headache.
  • People often keep their old eye drop bottles with themselves so as to use them in future. But doing that is a wrong practice. Using the same old eye droplets for new infections doesn’t make any sense. It may reduce the redness for a while but the infection persists and can even get worse.
  • Most of the eye diseases don’t just come up out of the blue. Some eye blinding diseases keep a few warnings in stock. So, it is highly suggested that a yearly eye examination should be scheduled.
  • Ever heard people sleeping with their spectacles on? Well, people often do that and this is one practice that they shouldn’t. The tendency of striking an eye infection increases up to 10 to 15 times if you sleep in the extended wear contacts.
  • So, people with specs have this habit of cleaning their glasses time and again. Many, in fact make use of tissues and toilet papers too for cleaning purposes. Doing that is strictly prohibited. Paper is made of wood and that can lead to scratching up your lenses. One can use soft silk clothes to clean their glasses.
  • Now this really is a popular misconception. If you’re 60, then you should go for LASIK treatment. A big NO to this idea! Wait until you develop cataract. Old age don’t necessarily means bad eyes. Even if there are issues, it is most likely to be diagnosed with a cataract surgery.

So, here were the 10 secrets that your eye doctor may skip telling you but now well, you know them. Health is to be kept at priority. Keep a track of these things and implement these in life. Find out more information about Quantum Vision System exercises here: http://quantumvisionsystemreviews.strikingly.com/